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arkaadaslar sitede yazani direk kopyaliyorum  çevirin anlamaya çalisin benim anladigim yogun bir baski var üzerlerinde oyunla ilgili  bu baski ile ilgili ortami rahatlatmak için konunun sonunda olayi tatliya baglamiş bu adamlar türk ola bilir :) tatli tarifi veriyor en altada twiter sayfalarinindaki orjinaline bakmak isteyenlere link vericem isteyen ordanda baka bilir

  It’s not a lie.  1 comment

Apparently it’s hard to understand that we don’t know when the game will be online again, or to read the 20 or so messages stating this.

Why don’t we know when it will be available? Answer: even though it’s being worked on 20+ hours most days, it still isn’t clear to us when things will be ready. The only thing that can comfortably be estimated is the forum, and even then that might be delayed further.

I understand this isn’t what you want to hear and that it’s unpopular. The realistic response is “tough.” I apologize because I know this isn’t good enough for most of you, but it’s unfortunately the best answer we can give. We really don’t know, and we’ll let you know when we do.

I posted this on Twitter: “Just a quick update (as I haven’t given you one for a few days), we’re working on the forums. They’ll be up within a week hopefully.” Some people have either misinterpreted this or chosen to interpret this as meaning the game will be up within a week. This message has nothing to do with the game. It only pertains to the forums.

We’re trying to be honest so we don’t get your hopes up. If you are expecting things to happen instantly or even soon and they don’t, it’s on your head when you’re disappointed because I cannot make it any clearer than this. Sending me messages in private or prefixing your comments with, “I know you said not to ask,” isn’t going to change this. It’s not like there’s some hidden answer tucked away I’m reluctant to give you, really think about the context of those types of questions lol.

Until we start indicating we have an idea of when it will be, please stop asking with the understanding that there isn’t some magical number. There’s no recipe to follow – we’re not baking a cake.

Maybe you should bake one while you wait.

Baking time: ~ 2 1/2 hours (ovens will vary)


    1 1/2 cups (185 g/6 0z) self-raising flour
    1/2 cup (60 g/2 oz) plain flour
    1/3 cup (40 g/1 1/4 oz) cocoa powder
    250 g (8 oz) butter, chopped
    1 tablespoon oil
    200 g (6 1/2 oz) dark chocolate, chopped
    1 1/2 cups (375 g/12 oz) caster sugar *
    1 tablespoon instant coffee powder
    2 eggs, lightly beaten

* Caster sugar has many different names depending on where in the world you live. Caster sugar is finer than normal white sugar, but not as fine as powdered sugar. It can usually be found as Baker’s Sugar in the USA. Here’s one of many websites explaining what it is.


    150 g (5 oz) butter, chopped
    150 g (5 oz) dark chocolate, chopped


    Preheat oven to 160C (315F). Grease a deep 20 cm (8 inch) round cake tin (or other usable, oven-safe container) and line with baking paper (greased wax paper can substitute for baking paper). Sift the flours and cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl and make a well in the center.
    Combine the butter, oil, chocolate, sugar and coffee powder with 1 cup (250 ml/8 fl oz) water in a pan. Stir over low heat until the chocolate and butter are melted and the sugar has dissolved. Pour into the well you created from the dry ingredients in step 1. Whisk until just combined. Add the eggs and mix well – make sure you don’t overbeat the mix.
    Pour the mixture into the tin (or your container) and bake for 2 hours, or until the center of the cake is solid (this can be tested with a toothpick, skewer, knife, or other device – just poke it in, if there’s anything stuck to it when you pull it out it isn’t ready yet (a few crumbs is fine, just no goo)). Once ready, remove it from the oven and let it sit to cool completely, then empty it onto a wire rack (if you don’t have a wire rack you can use an upside-down muffin tin I suppose).
    Icing: combine the butter and chocolate in a pan. Stir over low heat until melted. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly.
    Place the wire rack onto your baking tray. If necessary, trim the top of the cake so that it sits flat, then place it upside down on your wire rack. If you aren’t using a wire rack, you can use wax paper for this but I warn you it’s going to be messy (I know from experience). Pour the topping over the cake, letting it run down the side. Paint it over the cake to your liking, then serve with your preferred flavour of ice cream (plain old vanilla is a good choice).

This recipe is fairly simple to make and creates an enjoyable dessert for you and a handful of friends. If you’re interested in other, similar recipes my cookbook is entitled “Cooking: A Commonsense Guide” and is published by Murdoch Books. If you do use this recipe, it’d be pretty sweet if you could take a picture.