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Bilindiği gibi Amerikan Pokemon Forumları Çok aktifler.Bu yüzden Avrupa lı büyük pokemon  forumları birleşip amerika ya karşı birlik oluşturmak istiyorlar.BU yüzden phpbb3 tabanlı bir site kurup büyük forumları tek çatı altında toplamak amaçları.
Üyeleri birleştirip birçok dilde destek verilecekmiş.Site adminleri de aynı yetkilere sahip olacakmış.Dünyada pokemon fanlarını kaynaştırmayı düşünüyorlar.

Biz cevap yazmadık ama böyle bir konuyu düşünmüyoruz.Bizi davet etmeleri yabancı forumlarında burayı takip ettiklerini gösteriyor.Bundan mutluluk duyduk..

İşte Pm
Greetings admins of Pokémon Türkiye.

I couldn't find an email address for you anywhere, so I am sending you the following as a private message, if you wish to respond,

My name is Troels Just, avid Danish Pokémon fan (Veteran? Tongue ) since 1998.

I am writing to you, because I think Europe in general, is in need for a robust place on the Internet to talk about Pokémon, but a united place, for all countries.
Most, if not all big "international" Pokémon forums and websites are American, by definition there's nothing wrong with that (Except the amount of poor losers, and management issues on several bigger ones, that's been my experience, which several other Europeans that I talk to, agree with me on), but combined with the fact that every European country has separate forums in their respective languages, it makes us a very separated continent in this area, and because of that it also separates our collective interest in Pokémon by the national borders.

Because I have the necessary time, visions (One has to have those right, 'ey? Tongue ), to a certain degree also the economic means, and sincere wishes to make possible the creation of contacts and friendships across national borders, and especially through something as fantastic as Pokémon, I have therefore started a daring and ambitious attempt/project, which I dubbed the United European Pokémon Communities, to try to "unite" the Pokémon fans of Europe.

UEPC was opened to the public on the 24th of December.
In simple concrete terms, it's a phpBB3-based forum with a lot of language packs and language detection functionality (So that the site automatically appears in one's own language if one's browser prioritizes it as being the preferred, which is the standard setting in Windows and other operating systems), which probably doesn't really have a lot of magic to it, but my idea is to create national forums for each European country.

For example, right now we have a Danish section for the Danes, a German section for the Germans, a Greek section for Greeks and a Finnish section for Finns, a Swedish section for the Swedes, etc. etc. (And we only need the right Moderators to do five more) and then there's an international section of forums in English (For practical reasons).
These are each run by up to two "Moderators" (Although they are more like mini-Admins, and they can appoint assistants to help them, who are like regular moderators), to a very wide extent they can run their respective forums as they please. They will get the forums they wish, they can have all the sub-forums they wish etc. almost as if it was their own forums. You could say that each national section has "self-government" so to speak.
The point, to certain extent is to "get everybody in the same room", and to enable people to discuss Pokémon stuff with their own countrymen, and with people from other European countries from the same website, so that it's very simple and easy to communicate across the national borders.

In the future I have the idea, if the project gets big, to attempt to create a special Wi-Fi section where battles and trades can be arranged without actual use of words, so that people can play against/with each other even across language barriers.

Until now, I've gotten two other Danes, two Germans, two Greek, two Englishmen, two Swedes, a Norwegian, two Finns and several Spaniards onboard with the project.

I describe the goals of it in three words (The motto of the site): Unity, Community, Participation.

Unity, is pretty obvious.

Community because of the common interest in Pokémon and the community of people that builds around that.

And participation, because I want this to be an open community, where everybody who wants to contribute can do so, even in very direct ways.
For example, when we have enough members, we plan to hold a type election where regular members can say "I would like to be involved, and this is what I am gonna work toward" and then other members can say "Hey this guy/girl has some good ideas, I'm gonna vote for him/her", and then a certain number of people get a place in what's called the Council of Representatives. Each of our Moderators, have a "seat", so to speak, in the Council of Moderators.
These two councils together form our Community Council, who collectively, decides the rules, what forums we have, and potentially other stuff in the future. Picture it sort of like a "mini-parliament".
After I had finished devising the management model, around mid-December, somebody told me about your site, and looking over it, I noticed you have been doing something similar with the "Member Council", it was a cool thing to see that I was not the only one thinking along these lines.

When I opened the site, of course I also wrote a short opening announcement, as you can see here: https://www.uepc.eu/viewtopic.php?f=2&=46&p=79
I tried making it reflect the values behind UEPC, in a sort of audaciously idealistic way. Smiley

You might notice the song Ode to Joy in my opening announcement says "May it contribute to world peace.", as a continent that has experienced two world wars, we all need to do our little part to prevent a third one (Afterall, when the first one was over, people thought it would be "the war to end all war" and thus would never happen again, well, history speaks for itself), UEPC is also my contribution to that goal (What better way to do my part, than through something as fantastic as Pokémon?). I once watched a documentary about the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the end an American veteran says "There are ways in problems without killing people, it's called conversation, negotiation, communication, getting to know people. If you know them you don't have to kill them."

As I said, I officially opened the forum on the 24th of December, after much planning, especially of the way we run things, which in itself is very ambitious (I call it democratic), because as I mentioned, it will eventually give regular members real influence on the community's rules and decisions, which I find necessary to convince Europe's Pokémon fans to be able to find solid common ground, so that they can be sure that it's not some small group of centrally-placed people that decides what everybody must do, and also to prevent some of the problems that's plagueing places like PokeCommunity.com, for example.

In the days following the opening I contacted PokeTeam.dk, the biggest Pokémon site in Denmark, and told them about the project and proposed that we cooperate. So far, we have established a very fruitful alliance, their admin wrote about us on their site, which resulted in us getting a nice handful of Danes join the forums, and one of their staff members even, with the Admin's permission and encouragement, joined us as Moderator for the Danish forums.

The two Swedish moderators, are the actual administrators of Pokemonforummet.se, the biggest Swedish Pokemon forum, when I contacted them they liked the idea so much, that they themselves wanted to join, which was very encouraging. One of them told me they had a Swedish-speaking Finn on their forum, and as a result I offered her the position as Finnish moderator, as I mentioned earlier, since then another Finn has joined as second Finnish moderator.

We also have two German moderators, one being an Admin at Bisafans, one of the biggest German sites, their forum has like 14.000 members.

I was very lucky to meet a guy from Greece, who joined as Greek moderator, and he and I have worked on establishing contacts with legendarypokemon.net, probably the biggest Greek Pokémon site and  forum with 1700 members, I have exchanged emails with Arty2, their Admin, and he is very interested in the idea.

We were extremely fortunate and honored, to receive the endorsement and support of Archaic, webmaster of Bulbagarden/Bulbapedia.
He will be facilitating further talks of cooperation between us, and his other partners in Europe. For reference: https://www.uepc.eu/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=238

We've also been fortunate to get PKMN.net as a partner, a big British site with 35.000 members, and a smaller British site called PokemonWorld.co.uk with 1300 members. Two Dutch sites will be joining in the coming days, combined they have 5000 members. We're hoping that we can also get another German site onboard, and I'm working on reaching Poland as well.

I am writing to you to ask, if you as the admins of a big Turkish Pokémon website, would also be interested in contributing to the project from the side of Turkey, potentially through some form of cooperation or alliance?

Currently we have about 256 members (Which I realize is nothing compared to your 6000 members, but you know all new things begin small), and a lot of them are very enthusiastic about it. I have gotten several private messages on the forum saying how much they love the idea of a united forum. We're trying to become a bridge, that doesn't replace, mind you, but compliments existing national websites and forums, in as seamless a way as possible, so to better connect our nations' Pokémon fans with eachother. One advantage of this, that we are demonstrating at the present moment, is to have Wi-Fi tournaments between teams from different national forums (At the moment four countries).
Right now on UEPC we're trying to run our first cross-forum tournament across national borders. At the moment it's between Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, it's still just starting, but it's looking like people love the idea.
I decided to lay down money so that we could have a brand new Pokemon Platinum game as the prize, also we had a generous donation of event Pokemon from one of our national partners so there's plenty of prizes as you can see here: https://www.uepc.eu/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=217

The tournament is just a simple elimination match style tournament with eight players from each country.  These 8 players are selected by either our national forums, or our national partners holding a qualification tournament to select those 8. In the case of Denmark and Norway, because of community issues and bureaucracy, respectively, we're holding the qualification tournament in our national sections. However, the Swedish Pokemon forum was holding a "Winter Wi-Fi Tournament" so I talked to their tournament guy and we decided to just make that be their qualification round, so the Swedes are already done, since round one was finished several days ago.

Our German moderator decided to run the German qualification on Bisaboard itself, as you can see here: https://bisafans.de/bb/board12-pok%C3%A9...meldungen/

When we get near the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver, we'll potentially have those as the prizes of a future tournament.

UEPC can be found at the  URL: https://www.uepc.eu
As I said before, I am not aiming to replace, nor compete with websites and forums such as pokemonturkiye.com, but merely to try to act as a bridge between all the countries, and supplement what national websites and forums already do, this is an important point that I don't think could be stressed enough.

I look forward to hearing from you, by working together, we could unite the Pokémon fans of Europe!

Yours sincerely!

Troels Just, Denmark.
President of the United European Pokémon Communities
Sitelerinin hiti çok düşük . (United European Pokémon Communities) Dünya sıralamasında 23 milyonuncu sıralardalar.  ??? Yeni mi kurulmuş bu forum.  ???
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herkes dilinde konuşabilecek diyor ama adminleri toplasan koca site olur.çok karışık olacağı kesin..ki biz bile kendimizin araya kaynayacağını düşünüyoruz üyeler napsın ortada düzen var onu bozmaya niyetimiz yok..link değişimi reklam falan olsa daha yararlı olurdu.
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